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Your Bodybuilding Potential: Table of Contents

Wouldn't you like to know how much muscle you could potentially develop without steroids? What would your natural bodybuilding championship weight and measurements be? Wouldn't you like someone to tell you the truth for a change? Well, this concise e-book will do just that. No bull, no exaggerations, just facts.

The material in this e-book (instant download) is based on a 6-year statistical analysis of the accomplishments of drug-free bodybuilders and strength athletes from the pre-drug days right up to the modern era. Whether it's Reg Park and Steve Reeves or the modern guys that you're interested in this e-book will tell you what they measure(d) and what you, personally, should measure in order to "stack up". You may not like what you discover, you may be pleasantly surprised, or you may breathe a sigh of relief to be freed from all the lies and false claims that circulate through the bodybuilding world. Either way, you'll know the maximum potential of your body, without drugs.

Written in a clear and factual manner, this 54-page e-book (pdf format) will give you real goals for the real world, and let you know where you stand compared to the accomplishments of natural bodybuilding's greatest champions.

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    Your Muscular Potential
    1.     Training Expectations
    1.1   Predicting Maximum Muscular Body Weight
    1.2   Predicting Maximum Muscular Measurements
    1.3   Hard Gainers
    1.3.1   Self-Assessment: Are You a Hard Gainer?
    1.4   Discussion
    2.     Elite-Level Drug-Free Bodybuilders
    2.1   Body Weights of Elite-Level Drug-Free Bodybuilders
    2.2   Measurements of Elite-Level Drug-Free Bodybuilders
    3.     Genetic “Freaks”
    3.1   Body Weights of Genetic “Freaks”
    3.2   Body Part Measurements of Genetic “Freaks”
    3.3   Discussion
    4.     The Most Attractive Measurements – What Women
            and the Ancient Greeks Like(d)
    5.     The Average Non-resistance Trained Male
    6.     How to Set Training Goals
    7.     Some “Real World” Examples
    8.     Checking Bodybuilders' Claims
    9.     Concluding Discussion
    Appendix A: How to Take Your Measurements Properly
    Appendix B: Justification of Statistical Analysis
    Appendix C: Comments and Criticisms of this Text

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